Zaila Light System

Zaila Light System

Zaila Light System

The Zaila is a premium LED light fixture with a very small form factor. Since it operates on both AC and DC power, it’s both a studio stalwart and a workhorse in the field. Its high-intensity output coupled with its diminutive size make the Zaila a flexible tool for any shooters. We now offer the Zaila in both bi-color and daylight-only units.


Datasheet: HSI-zaila-daylight-datasheet


Zaila Light System


-Daylight Balanced
-Max 45 Watts
-3,200 Lumen Output
-10° Native Beam Spread

Also available in a kit:

Included in the kit:

  • 1x Zaila LED Light Fixture – Daylight Balanced

  • 1x Zaila Barn Door Set

  • 6x Zaila Holographic Film Lenses

  • 4x Zaila Hard Gels

  • 1x Zaila Lens Pouch


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