X-TREME is a camera for use under the toughest environmental conditions.
This fully enclosed high speed camera system is especially equipped with functionality used in UCAV (unmanned combat aerial vehicle), airborne store separation tests and defence testing application where heat, water and shock and vibration are present. The MIL 810 / DO 160 tested camera was developed for application where e.g. on-line image data transfer in normal video speed via an on board telemetry system to ground station is imminent while the camera records events in high speed and stores it inside the camera.


Datasheet: HSI -AOS X-TREME_Productleaflet_en


Key features

1280 x 1024 up to 500fps / up to 8’000 with reduced resolution
Re-chargeable battery
Gigabit Ethernet interface
Auto Exposure control
IRIG-B time stamp and synchronization
Built in flash card
Extensive synchronization options


For the harshest environments
Certified according MIL 810 / DO 160
Water tight housing for safe operation
Built in processor for integration in telemetry systems
Ideal for UCV / UCAV applications