UBSi 12/24 – 1 Billion fps

UBSi 12/24 – 1 Billion fps

UBSi 12/24 - 1 Billion fps

The Invisible® Vision Ultra UBSi series of compact ultra high speed framing cameras are designed to capture up to 24 mega-pixel performance frames at speeds up to and beyond a true 1 Billion frames per second (optically calibrated exposures to 1ns). The cameras are derivatives of the UHSi camera system but with enhanced timing capabilities and optimized shuttering for the accurate imaging of the very fastest events. Currently available in two models either as a fully optimized straight 12 frame camera for maximum sensitivity or as 12 and 24 frame system (utilizing a faster but less efficient phosphor with a small timing gap between frames 12 and 13 for phosphors to decay). Each model has fully independent user programmable exposure and inter-frame time delays down to 1ns allowing true frame rates to 1 Billion fps (internal exposure timing calibrated on 10ps boundaries). Fully intensified with simple input electrical triggering, output shutter monitor and programmable electrical strobe timing outputs gives the user maximum flexibility.


Datasheet: Ultranic UBsi: HSI – Ultranic UBSi Brochure 091222 D


UBSi 12/24 – 1 Billion fps

At the heart of the Ultra UBSi is a unique high resolution beam-splitter with optional UV capability. This is complimented with an Ultra ‘segmented’ intensifier and 16M pixel GigE linked CCD. Together with flexible proven control and timing electronics plus powerful system software they combine to form an elegant, reliable, yet cost effective 1 billion frame per second ultra-high speed imaging system.

Typical applications are in combustion, electric discharge, detonics, impact, somi-luminescence, fluoroscopy, shock physics and high energy material studies.

The Ultra UBSi is easily controlled with the included IVV Imprint® PC software running on a laptop via a GigE connection. For ease of use, an optical viewfinder is also available to aid set-up and alignment. Simplicity being a virtue, the camera provides a simple single 50Ω input trigger as well as a manual software trigger mode. Four programmable output strobes plus a shutter monitor are provided for external synchronization of further cameras, experiment triggering and flash systems.