Pharsighted Model E9•80S and E9•100S

Pharsighted Model E9•80S and E9•100S

Pharsighted Model E9•80S and E9•100S

The Pharsighted E9•80S and E9•100S ultra high-speed cameras are the world’s first backside-illuminated, full-frame high speed cameras. With unparalleled speed and unmatched light sensitivity the E9•80S and E9•100S are ideally suited for applications requiring visualization at over 100,000fps.


Datasheet: HSI – Pharsighted Datasheet


The revolutionary E9•80S and E9•100S offer unmatched speed and sensitivity to today’s high-speed photographer. Utilizing the world’s first full-frame, back-side illuminated high-speed image sensor, the E9•80S and E9•100S are capable of a capturing rate of 272,000 frames-per-second at a resolution of 640×480 pixels and 326,000fps respectively. This speed, coupled with a light sensitivity rating of ISO 160,000D in monochrome, or ISO 40,000D in color, enables efficient imaging of difficult subjects never before experienced. Exposure times as short as 59 nanoseconds are possible. The custom image sensor is supported by a modernized camera system that is designed to handle the most demanding of photographic setups in the harshest of conditions.

Internal memory buffer of either 108GB, 216GB or 432GB and recording times up to 5.5 seconds of real-time record duration. Included with every E9•80S and E9•100S a U.2 NVMe SSD that allows for an effortless workflow, reduced save times, and virtually immediate permanent storage of critical test data. Additional storage drives are readily available and operate seamlessly with current operating systems.

The camera system also includes the ability to use active lens mounts, an internal shutter for remote black references, dual power inputs, rugged 10G Ethernet, PTP time code, six configurable I/O ports, analog input, dedicated trigger, and SDI video that are at the ready to meet any needs that arise out of difficult applications. All of this is housed in the camera body which is actively-cooled, rugged, and sealed from the outside environment.

Simple, straight-forward camera operation is provided by Pharsighted’s SLOW application, which is cross-platform compatible with Windows, macOS, or Linux. SLOW files, Pharsighted’s proprietary RAW file format, can then be converted into a variety of common video formats for distribution or analysis.