JAB Daylight Bullet

JAB Daylight Bullet

JAB Daylight Bullet

The JAB Bullet (High Speed) is the most powerful compact LED light on the market today; all while using 1.7 amps of power, 187 watts! These units include a Douse (Intermittent off) Switch! Unlike the AadynTech Punch Plus Series of Lights the Jab Series do not come with a UIM (User Interface Module). In order to use this light to its full capacity, utilizing the fixtures Effects and other Capabilities such as lightning, strobe  you will need a to use UIM.


Datasheet: HSI-JAB Daylight Datasheet


JAB Daylight Bullet

The JAB Bullet is actually brighter than a Joker and even a 575W HMI fresnel. However with the Jab Bullet you can easily plug up to TEN (10) units into single household outlet. Unlike HMI’s, there are no components to set-up or warm up time needed, just plug it in and turn it on instantly. Unlike HMI lights, which have a warning that say they have to stay a minimum distance of 20′ away from your product, our lights can be placed within 1′ of your product allowing the operator to stop down the lens. This is a huge adjustment in photography or motion capture as it wasn’t possible before. This light is also DMX compatible, and has a built-in spring-loaded douse button, so the operator can turn the light on and off repeatedly. With AAdynTech LED fixtures, there are no hot re-strike issues that often plague HMI’s.

Competitively priced with todays HMI’s, these lights prove to be more economical to own. No bulbs or spares lamps are ever required. There is a 60000 hr warranty life on the LED’s and a 3 Year Mfg warranty on the fixture itself. Supplying 1,854 fc @ 10 feet of flicker free, even daylight balanced light at shooting speeds up to 100,000 FPS, Our optically efficient fixture design and lenses work together; to create the effect of a single light source, eliminating the multiple shadows that often plague other LED arrays. Space saving Quick-Change lenses, varying between spot and flood, create a bright and even field. This fixture is so versatile that you can use it with either AC or 30v DC.

This Jab Bullet (certified ETL, UL, CSA, CE and RoHS compliant) generates far less heat, requires less power, and is a space saver (no more Head Cables & Ballasts)! The ease of use and low energy draw, bring efficiency and a greater safety factor to the talent and crew. As a Lighting Director and Gaffer I have been using these fixtures for over a year on almost every job I am happy to speak personally with anyone about the pros and cons of these AAdynTech LED’s or any other fixture we use.



  • Flicker Free @ 100,000 frames/second
  • No UV or IR emissions
  • unprecedented 60,000 hour warranty on the LED’s
  • 3-year warranty on the fixture itself
  • 1,854 foot-candles @ 10ft.
  • Draws 1.77 amps of power @ 110v AC
  • Run on 30v DC power for hours w/ battery source
  • 90% energy savings
  • Single light-source that eliminates multiple shadows
  • Douse (Intermittent off) Switch
  • Convection cooled with no fans
  • Operates cool-to-the-touch and runs silent
  • Operating Temperature -20c to +50c
  • Quick-change lenses to adjust beam spread
  • Universal power-supply from 90VAC to 240VAC
  • Flexible enough to use in many applications
  • Certified ETL, UL, CSA, CE and RoHS compliant

Optional Accessories:

  • JAB ATA Road Case
  • JAB Barndoor
  • JAB Gel Frame
  • JAB Light Bank
  • JAB Speed Ring = Chimera Part# 9203
  • JAB User Interface