H-EM System

H-EM System

H-EM System

This system consisting of one up to four high speed cameras connected to an airborne controller, able to stream image sequences to flash disks for hours. Camera systems like the H-EM designed for airborne applications need an ultra-solid design and a structure to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of flight. This system can meet the big challenge of immunity to shock, vibration, changes of temperature and moisture.
H-EM is THE solution for long time high speed recordings for aircraft and component testing.


Datasheet: HSI-AOS_H-EM_501_leaflet



Long time high speed recording for aircraft and component testing.



H-EM 501 High speed streaming cameras:
1280×1024 @ 90fps
1280×720 @ 125fps
640×480 @ 560fps
Streaming for hours to airborne controller
Ultra solid design
Aircraft testing

Description of components

The complete system consists of:
Up to 4 H-EM 501 Gigabit Ethernet cameras
Airborne military controller for camera setup and data storage
AOS Imaging Studio v4 Controll Software