Flare 48M30-CX

Flare 48M30-CX

Flare 48M30-CX

The Flare™ 48M30-CX series is a part of our family of industrial video cameras designed with advanced CMOS image sensors. The all-new CMV50000 sensors feature high pixel counts, producing highly detailed images with a 7920 x 6004 resolution. As well, this sensor features very fast readout, allowing frame rates up to 30 frames per second. Multiple region of interest settings (up to 10 windows)allow lower-resolution output formats at much higher frame rates. This flexibility makes the Flare series effective in applications including automated optical inspection systems, space launch imaging, wide area surveillance and more.


Datasheet: HSI-Flare_48M30_CX_Rev1.5_Web


Flare 48M30-CX


The CMV50000 sensors used in the Flare 48M30-CX camera feature pipelined global shutter technology. Pipelining allows the sensor to expose a frame during readout of the previous frame, whereas sensors without this feature must either use very short exposure times or be otherwise unable to achieve fast frame rates. Global electronic shutter exposes each pixel in the frame at the same time, as opposed to rolling shutter designs which sequentially expose rows of pixels. The latter approach leads to motion artifacts as well as uneven frame illumination if any bright flashes occur during the exposure period.


With sensors producing hundreds if not thousands of Megabytes of video data per second, systems using the Flare 48M30-CX cameras need a way of accessing this stream of information. As such, the cameras are designed with CoaXPress digital video outputs, which are standardized and well-established. System designers have a wide variety of CoaXPress infrastructure parts to choose from, including PC frame grabber cards, cables, fiber-optic range extenders, and of course uncompressed solid-state video recording systems such as the DVR Express® Core 2.


The Flare 48M30-CX is designed with premium image quality in mind. One of the factors that impacts image quality the most is noise, which can be introduced in a variety of ways. One major driver of noise is the sensor temperature, To minimize the effect of temperature on the image noise, the Flare 48M30-CX camera is designed with low-power electronics and effective passive cooling. The overall power consumption is under 7.5W for 48M30-CX models and most generated heat is dissipated convectively to the surrounding air through the all-aluminum chassis which acts as a heat-sink to the internal electronics.


Choosing a lens for any camera system can be as involved as selecting the camera and other integral system components. Fortunately, with its 35mm full frame sensor, the Flare 48M30-CX series matches well with many off-the-shelf lens types available today. Other sensors with such high resolution often exceed the common 35mm full frame size, which limits lens selection to expensive large-format options. To ensure flexibility, the Flare 48M30-CX series is available with a variety of lens mount options including Nikon F, Canon EF, M58 x 0.75 and more. Contact us for recommendations based on your application.