Flare 4KSDI

Flare 4KSDI

Flare 4KSDI

The first compact 4K/UHD camera head designed to fit where larger cameras cannot. But despite its size, this small form factor camera has the capability to deliver the high-quality imagery demanded by industry professionals. The extensive feature set makes the Flare™ 4KSDI easy to deploy in either live event broadcasts or scripted productions.


Datasheet: HSI-Flare_4KSDI_Rev3_Web


Flare 4KSDI


The tough aluminum chassis includes rugged mounting points on all sides, proving it really can be placed anywhere. Multiple interchangeable lens mounts are available including Arri PL, Nikon F and Canon EF, allowing a range of familiar lenses to be used. The 4KSDI camera uses an interchangable mounting system, which allows the camera operator to switch between lens mounting types. Additional lens mounts are offered as accessories from IO Industries, and also provided by third party vendors. Each of the passive mounts from IO Industries includes (7) back-focus shims, and also a hex key for changing the mount.


Four standard 3G/HD-SDI outputs make connecting the 4KSDI to peripheral devices easy. Depending on the output format, either two or four cables are needed to connect the 4KSDI to a growing selection of 4K/UHD-supported field recorders, monitors, and live production switchers. And, for stereoscopic or panoramic configurations, or live-to-air broadcasts, an HD tri-level sync reference is all that’s needed for precise multi-camera synchronization.


The 4KSDI is the perfect small camera for shooting in tight spaces where professional quality is a must. The camera can output in both DCI 4K and UHDTV formats, making it an ideal tool for both live broadcast and production environments. In addition, an integrated Optical Low Pass Filter helps block IR pollution and remove moiré artifacts. At the heart of the camera sits a Super 35mm global shutter CMOS sensor with 12 stops of dynamic range.


The 4KSDI camera can be controlled by handheld remote or over RS485 connection. Though it can be used with RCP controllers, the 4KSDI ships with included PC control software. No CCU is required, simply enable the OSD overlay using the handheld remote to control each of the camera functions. Attach to a PC or paint-box by connecting via RS485 serial cable.