CMT Lens / Objektiv Adapter

CMT Lens / Objektiv Adapter

CMT Lens / Objektiv Adapter

Lens adapter with manual iris ring for F-mount lenses



New high speed cameras with high image resolution / large image sensors need suitable lenses with a large image diameter to avoid vignetting.

Lenses made for DSLR-cameras would be an ideal fit (wide selec- tion, wide zooming range, inexpensive, easily available), however most of those lenses have no iris ring anymore to manually step down the apperture.

The CMT lens adapter features a mechanical iris ring to set the lens apperture to any desired value.

The CMT accepts lenses with an F-mount and a mechanical aperture lever.

Use NIKON DX- and FX-lenses, or similar lenses made by 3rd party suppliers like SIGMA, TAMRON or TOKINA (brand names are used for reference purpose only).

The lens/adapter combination fits all AOS high speed cameras, as well as many high speed- and vision cameras equipped with a c-mount of other manufacturers.