CAVILUX Smart is a versatile and powerful pulsed diode laser light source. It is very suitable as a light source for machine vision solutions and is an excellent and versatile tool for scientific and industrial R&D work. Possible monitoring applications include welding, paper webs, flows, material testing and the study of impacts and explosions.


Datasheet: HSI-CAVILUX_Smart_brochure_web



CAVILUX Smart is a versatile and powerful pulsed diode laser light source. It is an ideal light source for high-speed and machine vision cameras in scientific and industrial R&D.

CAVILUX Smart can generate pulsed light power of hundreds of watts., The light output is essentially monochromatic with low degree of coherence, which is ideal for illumination purposes as there are no chromatic aberrations or speckle. CAVILUX Smart can generate arbitrary pulses or bursts of pulses with precisely adjustable duration for the length of each individual pulse and each delay between pulses.


  • High power and very short pulses down to 10 ns
  • Ideal light source for schlieren and shadowgraphy applications
  • Excellent for ultra-high-speed imaging with short pulses
  • Versatility by varying pulse duration and repetition rate
  • Monochromatic and low-coherence light

CAVILUX Smart System

  • Consists of a control unit, laser unit(s), control software and illumination optics
  • One control unit can drive 1…4 laser units (including CAVILUX HF laser units) and synchronize 1…4 cameras

Laser unit(s)

  • Output power options 200 W, 300 W, 400 W and 500 W
  • Wavelength options 640 nm (visible) and 810 nm (near infrared)
  • Laser class 3B or 4 (depending on the output power and wavelength)

Variability through generation of pulses and pulse patterns

  • Pulse duration 10 ns … 10 μs
  • Duty cycle 1 ‰ for max 10 s (also ultra-high-speed mode available)
  • Continuous mode with 0,3 ‰ duty cycle
  • Ultra high speed mode available
  • Generation of single pulses or bursts of pulses (max. 5 pulses / burst) at high repetition rate
  • Stand-alone operation

Versatility through changeable fiber optic illumination

  • Adjustable illumination with lens (standard solution)
  • Direct illumination with fiber optics
  • Uniform back illumination (e.g. shadow imaging)
  • Line profile illumination (e.g. flow, welding)
  • Light sheet illumination