2D PIV System

2D PIV System

2D PIV System

Advanced integrated hardware and software system for the most demanding experimental fluid dynamics situations. Used from micrometers to 1 meter testing field or few mm/sec to 7Mach speeds as well as ability to observe flow in flames.


Datasheet: HSI-Microvec_2DPIV


2D PIV System

Flow field diagnostics made easier

In combination with well-integrated hardware and software for the most demanding experimental fluid dynamics experiments, MicroVec offers unprecedented and extraordinarily powerful PIV solutions to be used by researchers from all over the world at the affordable prices not seen before in the commercial PIV applications.

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV):

PIV is an optical flow visualization method used in education & research. It can provide instantaneous velocity measurements and related properties in fluids. The fluid is seeded with tracer particles (like smoke in the air or small hollow beads with same density as water) in the flow field which is illuminated by a laser to illuminate the particles to make them visible and to capture images of particles to track them. The sequential images with tracker particles in motion are then processed for cross correlation to calculate the speed and direction (the velocity field) of the flow which is being observed. Further processing provides flow vortices, streamline and iso-speed lines, and flow field parameters distribution. MicroVec PIV systems typically consist of a digital CCD or CMOS camera, a laser with an optical arrangement to limit the physical area to be illuminated, a synchronizer to act as an external trigger for control and timing of the cameras and laser, the seeding particles and the fluid under investigation. A laser light arm may be used to connect the laser to the lens setup, which then converts the beam into a light sheet. PIV software is used to process the optical images.

MicroVec brings you a wide range of products to select from and expert application knowledge to assist in configuring the PIV systems that meet your needs. Used from microscopic distances to 1 meter testing field, from speeds of few mm/sec to 7 Mach in air and water as well as ability to observe flow in flames. The MicroVec PIV systems are integrated with world leading PIV lasers from Litron (UK), Quantel (France), Photonics Industries (USA) and Beamtech Optronics (China) as well as with high-speed CMOS cameras from Fastec Imaging (USA),(Japan), Vision Research (USA) and high resolution CCD cameras with double frame mode from Imperx(USA). MicroVec – located in high tech centre – Singapore – brings these solutions to the international market.


• Wind tunnels and water tanks

• Aerospace and aeronautics

• Compressors, turbines, fans, pumps, sprays

• Micro electromechanical systems (MEMS)

• Chemical mixing equipment