Spray-Fluid Dynamics and Microfluidics

For years, high-speed imaging has been utilized in the following industries for Fluid Dynamics research and analysis: Automotive, Aerospace, Biotech and Medical, Marine Propulsion, and Electronics. high-speed imaging provides an indispensable tool to measure and to visualize the complex movement of liquids, gases and plasmas in motion. Various imaging techniques from backlit illumination, particle image velocimetry (PIV) and schlieren imaging help researchers understand dynamic motion in tanks, wind tunnels and spray chambers. High Speed Imaging also offers various software for fluid flow analysis, namely PIV software. High Speed Imaging has partnered with Microvec Pte. Ltd., a global supplier of PIV systems with innovative and patented techniques and increased level of sophistication and complexity, including newest techniques like Pressure PIV, Tomographic PIV, Light Field PIV and AI PIV.

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